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Managed Antivirus

When Goto Computer Guys install our antivirus protection on your computer systems, it will generate reports to our Goto security server which updates and alerts our technicians. This allow our techs to ferret out real problems and threats quickly so that we can take the necessary steps to inoculate or repair your computers.

Our centralized protection provides a managed antivirus of all the workstations in your network. This may include an office, remote offices, your home computers, laptops, and tablets. Our comprehensive managed antivirus solution provides protection from most cyber threats, viruses, malware, adaware, spyware, keyloggers, and hacking attempts.

The Goto Computer Guys managed security scans incoming and outgoing files.  All network and internet traffic is scanned for malicious content.

Our software program is compatible with all Windows versions, Apple products.

Main Features

  • An antivirus engine that detects and neutralizes the latest threats.
  • Real-time scanning performed with deep system scans on your schedule, or on demand.
  • Infected files are sand-boxed to ensure data restoration if needed.
  • Protects quietly in the background, you won’t even know it is running.


GOTO Computer Guys is a Managed Service Provider in Edmond, Oklahoma providing services throughout the OKC Metro and extended areas.

How safe is your vital information?

  • What do you do when your data is stolen?
  • What can happen when confidential information is passed to competitors?
  • Are you sure that the security measures you have in place will prevent a data breach?

With Managed Security your system is protected and you'll minimize data theft, safeguarding your business:

  • Monitor security of your systems
  • Constant assessing of risks and threats
  • Produce regular reports
  • Run anti-virus software daily
  • Protect your email
  • We offer consultancy support & advice
  • We develop guidance and policies
  • Test and protect your systems against hacking

Goto Computer Guys will take away the worry of data theft so you can concentrate on business growth and ROI.


Our Goto techs will monitor your systems, administer protection and help you plan a strategic approach to data security 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Managed Security consists of three services:

Systems Scanning


Goto Computer Guys Anti-Virus software scans your system daily. When threats are detected it immediately notifies one our techs. Our techs will take the appropriate action to resolve the threat often without you even knowing.

Managed System Patching

System Patching

With managed system patching our software allows you to rest easy. We automatically apply critical and important patches to your servers and desktops eliminating unnecessary risk to your business.

Managed Off-Site Backup


No software is more important than your backup software. Every day brings new threats and security risks. With these brings a window of vulnerability to your system. Whether it is a natural disaster or one of the new encryption ransom wares there is always the chance of losing your data. Being proactive in backing your data offsite will save you time and money in the long run.

Protect your data, Protect your business!


Goto can employ top of the line data encryption to your business data ensuring the safety of your business and your customers information.

Daily Monitoring

Our systems monitor your systems 24-hours a day. You cannot watch your systems all the time and with our automation and threat detection and alerting system allows us to monitor and take action. This allows you to rest easy and concentrate on running your business.


We can develop your company a next generation mobile or web application to increase productivity or sales to your business model.


When using one of our managed services we don’t leave you hanging. We are available to support you and your staff through our top notch phone support.

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